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Verses 1-49

§ 5. A Final series of Prophecies on the necessity of Israel's Punishment and the Destruction of Jerusalem (Ezekiel 20-24)

Date, Aug.-Sept. 590 b.c. to Jan.-Feb. 587 b.c.This group includes a warning to the exiles against idolatry (Eze 20:1-44), a description of the sword of the Lord directed against Jerusalem (Eze 20:45 to Eze 21:27), a short prophecy against the Ammonites, connected with the foregoing (Eze 21:28-32) an indictment of Jerusalem (Ezekiel 22:0), an allegorical history of the sins of Samaria and Jerusalem (Ezekiel 23:0), a fresh parable of the coming siege and destruction of Jerusalem (Eze 24:1-14), and an account of the death of Ezekiel's wife, and of his significant conduct in his bereavement (Eze 24:15-27).

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