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Verses 1-47

Various Incidents of the Last Week

1-8. The authority of Jesus challenged (Matthew 21:23; Mark 11:27). See on Mt.

9-18. The wicked husbandmen (Matthew 21:33; Mark 12:1). See on Mt.

19-26. The tribute money (Matthew 22:15; Mark 12:13). See on Mt.

27-40. The Sadducees and the Resurrection (Matthew 22, 23; Mark 12:18). See on Mt.

36. Neither can they die] This is perhaps given as a reason why after the Resurrection there is no more marriage.

37. At the bush] RV ’in the place concerning the Bush’: cp. Exodus 3.

41-44. Is the Christ David’s son? (Matthew 22:41; Mark 12:35). See on Mt.

45-47. Jesus denounces the scribes (Matthew 23:1; Mark 12:38). See on Mt.

47. Devour widows’ houses] see on Mark 12:40.

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