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Verse 16

Now therefore send quickly and tell David ,.... What has been advised to on both sides:

saying, lodge not this night in the plains of the wilderness ; which reached to Jericho; this advice he gave, because he knew not whether his counsel would be abode by, though preferred; Absalom and the elders of Israel might change their minds, and Ahithophel might, by the strength of his oratory, prevail upon them after all to follow his advice; and therefore, to guard against the worst, he judged it most prudential in David to make all the haste he could from that place where he was, and not continue a night longer in it; for, if Ahithophel's counsel should take place, he would be in pursuit of him that very night:

but speedily pass over ; the river Jordan:

lest the king be swallowed up, and all the people that are with him : be destroyed by the forces Ahithophel should bring with him, which he would not be able to withstand.

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