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Verse 24

Then David came to Mahanaim ,.... A city on the other side Jordan in the tribe of Gad, Joshua 13:26 , famous for its being the place where the angels of God met Jacob, Genesis 32:1 ; and was for some time the seat of Ishbosheth the son of Saul, 2 Samuel 2:8 ;

and Absalom passed over Jordan, he, and all the men of Israel with him ; not directly after David, but some time after, when, according to the counsel of Hushai, he had gathered all the warlike men of Israel to him that he could, and with this army pursued his father; not content to drive him to the other side Jordan, sought to seize his person, and take away his life, and so secure the crown and kingdom to him, of which he made no doubt, having such a numerous army, on which he relied.

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