And the angel of the Lord said unto Elijah , The same as in 2 Kings 1:3 or "had said" F7 וידבר "edixerat autem", Junius & Tremellius. , as some render it, before this captain came:

go down with him ; the captain and his men:

and be not afraid of him ; of King Ahaziah, whom he might fear, because of the message he had sent him, that he should die of that sickness, and for turning back his messengers to the god of Ekron, and for destroying his two captains and their fifties; nor of his mother Jezebel, who had threatened his life for killing her prophets:

and he arose, and went down with him unto the king ; boldly and courageously, not fearing his wrath; so that the captain not only had his life and the life of his men spared, but answered the end of his message also.