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Verse 26

I even weighed unto their hand six hundred fifty talents of silver ,.... Which, according to Scheuchzer F1 Physica Sacra, vol. 4. p. 651. amount to 975,000 imperials, and, of our money, 2,229,450 pounds sterling: and silver vessels one hundred talents; which came to 35,300 pounds, or 50,000 imperials; according to Jarchi, there were one hundred vessels, and every vessel weighed a talent, and so Aben Ezra, which, with Brerewood F2 De Pond. & Pret. Vet. Num. c. 4. , was three hundred and seventy five pounds:

and of gold one hundred talents ; which, according to Scheuchzer F3 Ut supra. (Physica Sacra, vol. 4. p. 651.) , were equal to 1,222,000 ducats of gold; the value of gold now is above 14 and a 3d to the value of silver, by which may be judged the difference between one hundred talents of gold and one hundred talents of silver; according to David de Pomis F4 Tzemach David, fol. 57. 3. , there were two sorts of talents; common talents, which weighed sixty pounds, and the talent of the sanctuary, which weighed double to that.

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