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Verse 2

Canst thou put an hook into his nose ?.... Or a rush, that is, a rope made of rushes; for of such ropes were made, as Pliny F7 Nat. Hist. l. 19. c. 2. affirms;

or bore his jaw through with a thorn ? as men do herrings, or such like small fish, for the convenience of carrying them, or hanging them up to dry; the whale is not to be used in such a manner: but the Tentyritae, a people in Egypt, great enemies to crocodiles, had methods of taking thorn in nets, and of binding and bridling them, and carrying them as they pleased F8 Strabo. Geograph. l. 17. p. 560. Aelian. de Animal. l. 10. c. 21. Plin. Nat. Hist. l. 8. c. 25. .

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