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Verse 6

Shall thy companions make a banquet of him ?.... The fishermen that join together in catching fish, shall they make a feast for joy at taking the leviathan? which suggests that he is not to be taken by them, and so they have no opportunity or occasion for a feast: or will they feed on him? the flesh of crocodiles is by some eaten, and said F13 Leo Africanus & Aelian. ut supra. (l. 10. c. 21.) to be very savoury, but not the flesh of the whale;

shall they part him among the merchants ? this seems to favour the crocodile, which is no part of merchandise, and to be against the whale, which, at least in our age, occasions a considerable trade for the sake of the bone and oil: but perhaps, in those times and countries in which Job lived, the use of them might not be known.

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