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Verse 19

It is better to dwell in the wilderness ,.... Where persons live without shelter, and are not only exposed to storms and tempests, but to beasts of prey; where is want of the necessaries of life, and no society; where no "speech" is, as the word F5 מדבר "a" דבר "loqui". for wilderness may signify; yet it is better to dwell in such a place, where no human voice is heard,

than with a contentious and an angry woman ; that is always brawling and scolding, ever in a quarrelsome and angry disposition, and provoking to anger all about her; See Gill on Proverbs 21:9 . In a mystical sense, it is better to be with the church in the wilderness, Revelation 12:14 ; than with the furious, bloodthirsty, and persecuting church of Rome, in all its worldly glory and splendour.

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