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Verse 26

And I will cast thee out ,.... Out of his palace, out of the city of Jerusalem, and out of the land of Judea:

and thy mother that bare thee ; who very probably was a bad woman, and had brought up her son in an evil way, and had led him on and encouraged him in it, by her own example, and had been a partner with him in his sins: her name was Nehushta, a daughter of Elnathan of Jerusalem; and as it was here predicted of her, so it was accomplished, 2 Kings 24:8 ; it is very likely Jeconiah had no children before the captivity, since no mention is made of them, only of his mother that was cast out with him:

into another country, where ye were not born ; the land of Chaldea, which was not the native place neither of him nor his mother; being both, as it seems probable, horn in Jerusalem, or however in Judea:

and there shall ye die ; both he and his mother; and so the Arabic version expresses it, "and there shall ye both die"; as no doubt they did, though we have no particular account of their death; as for Jeconiah, he lived a long time in captivity; it was in the "thirty seventh" year of his captivity that Evilmerodach king of Babylon showed favour to him above all the captive kings that were with him, and continued it to his death; but how long after that was is not known; see Jeremiah 52:31 .

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