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Verse 27

Consider the lilies how they grow ,.... Some copies read, "the lilies of the field", as in Matthew 6:28 The Persic version renders the word, "the roses and lilies of the field": and the Arabic version, the "flowers"; any flowers of the field; for what is afterwards said, is true of any of them, but particularly of the lilies: now, as the former instance of God's feeding the ravens is designed to remove all anxious and distressing thoughts about food for the body; this is mentioned to take off every thing of that kind with respect to clothing for it; wherefore, in Matthew, these words are premised to it, "and why take ye thought for raiment?" there will be no need of it, when it considered how the lilies, or tulips, or any other flowers grow up out of the earth, and in what a fine beautiful dress they appear, without any care or labour of their own, and even without the care and management of a gardener; for flowers of the field are here meant:

they toil not, they spin not ; they neither labour as men do, in sowing flax, and dressing it, or in combing of wool, or in spinning of either:

and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these . The Ethiopic version renders it, "in the whole time of his glory"; throughout his glorious reign, at any time; whenever upon any extraordinary occasion he was dressed out in the finest manner, yet even then a lily outdid him; its glory being natural to it, whereas his, at best, was but artificial, and an imitation of nature; See Gill on Matthew 6:29 .

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