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Verse 29

And it came to pass when he was come nigh ,.... The other evangelists, Matthew and Mark, add "unto Jerusalem"; but this Luke designs afterwards, Luke 19:37 and therefore here means, as is expressed, that he was come nigh

to Bethphage and Bethany ; two tracts of land which reached from Mount Olivet to Jerusalem; so that when he was there, he was nigh unto the city:

at the mount, called the Mount of Olives ; or "Elaion", as the Ethiopic version, which retains the Greek word for it; and which has its name from the great number of olive trees that grew upon it:

he sent two of his disciples ; their names are not mentioned by any of the evangelists, but it is very probable they were Peter and John; of the places here mentioned; See Gill on Matthew 21:1 .

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