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Verse 30

Backbiters ,.... Who more publicly defamed the characters of their neighbours, and hurt their good name, credit and reputation, though behind their backs:

haters of God ; some read it, "hated of God"; as all workers of iniquity are; but rather this expresses their sin, that they were deniers of the being and providence of God, and showed themselves to be enemies to him by their evil works:

despiteful ; both by opprobrious words, and injurious actions:

proud ; of their natural knowledge, learning, eloquence and vain philosophy:

boasters : of their parts, abilities, wisdom and works; all which they attributed to themselves, and to the sharpness of their wit, their sagacity and industry:

inventors of evil things ; of evil schemes of morality and philosophy, and of evil practices, as well as principles:

disobedient to parents ; which was acting contrary to the light of nature.

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