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Verse 10

Love worketh no ill to his neighbour ,.... That is, the man that truly loves his neighbour, will contrive no ill against him, nor do any to him; he will not injure his person, nor defile his bed, nor deprive or defraud him of his substance; or do hurt to his character, bear false testimony against him, or covet with an evil covetousness anything that is his; but, on the contrary, will do him all the good he is capable of:

therefore love is the fulfilling of the law : so far as a man loves his neighbour, he acts agreeably to the law, and the particular precepts of it above mentioned: what the apostle says of love to the neighbour, the Jews frequently say of love to God;

"he that loveth God (they say F4 Zohar in Deut. fol. 111. 3. ) מקיים עשר אמירן , "hath fulfilled the decalogue", both above and below.'

And again F5 Zohar in Deut. fol. 113. 1. ,

"there is no service like the love of God, R. Abba saith it is כללא דאורייתא , "the sum of the law"; for the ten words of the law הכא אתכלילו , "are herein comprehended", or "fulfilled":'

and elsewhere F6 Moses Kotsensis Mitzvot Tora, praecept. affirm. 3. prope finem. they observe,

"that כל התורה כלולה באהבה , "the whole law is comprehended", or fulfilled "in love".'

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