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Verse 8

And he removed from thence unto a mountain on the east of Bethel ,.... As it was afterwards called by Jacob, which before and at this time had the name of Luz, Genesis 28:19 now to the east of this place was a mountain, whither Abram removed his tent from Sichem, which was about twenty miles from it, as Sir Walter Raleigh F6 History of the World, par. 1. b. 2. sect. 3. p. 132. observes, some say twenty eight F7 Bunting's Travels, p. 56. :

and pitched his tent ; that is, upon the mountain, as before upon the plain, fitly representing the state of the people of God, as sojourners in this world, living like Abram in tents and tabernacles, having no abiding place:

having Bethel on the west , or "on the sea" F8 מים "a mari", Montanus, Piscater, Schmidt. , the Mediterranean sea, which Aben Ezra calls the Spanish sea, and lay to the west of the land of Canaan:

and Hai on the east ; the same which is called "Ai", and said to be on the east side of Bethel, Joshua 7:2 hard by this place, Rauwolff F9 Travels, part 3. ch. 21. p. 317. Ed. Ray. says, you shall still find some old ruins of old stones, where first Abraham the patriarch did build a tent, as you read in Genesis 12:8 and he says that Bethel is still called to this day Bethisella, and is situated half a league further towards the west, at the foot of the hill, in a very fruitful country:

and there he builded an altar unto the Lord : as he had done at Sichem; for wherever he went he worshipped God, and offered sacrifice unto him:

and called upon the name of the Lord : prayed unto him for fresh mercies, as well as gave thanks for past ones; or, "he called in the name of the Lord" F11 ויקרא בשם יהוה "et invocavit in nomine Domini", Montanus, Tigurine version. , he called upon Jehovah the Father, in the name of his Son, the glorious Mediator, who had appeared unto him, and whose day he saw and was glad.

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