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Verse 25

And seven days were fulfilled ,.... Or there were full seven days, a whole week:

after that the Lord had smitten the river , and turned it into blood; here the miracle is ascribed to him; Moses and Aaron, and the rod they used, were only instruments, nothing short of almighty power could do such a miracle; it seems this lasted seven days at least. It began, as Bishop Usher F15 Annal. Vet. Test. p. 20. computes it, on the eighteen day of the sixth month, or Adar, part of February and part of March, and ended the twenty fifth of the same. It is not said that Pharaoh requested to have it removed, though Philo F16 Ut supra. (De Vita. Mosis, l. 1. p. 617.) says he did; his stubborn heart not being humbled enough as yet to ask such a favour, and therefore perhaps it was taken off without asking for it, to make way for another.

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