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Verse 1

And this is the thing that thou shalt do unto them ,.... To Aaron and his sons: to "hallow" them; to sanctify them, set them apart, and consecrate them:

to minister unto me in the priest's office ; for which the Lord had appointed them, to which he had chose, called, and separated them:

take one young bullock, and two rams without blemish ; a young bullock was an heifer of three years old, according to Kimchi F20 Comment. in Psal. lxix. 32. , and such an one was used in sacrifice in former times, see Genesis 15:9 though Maimonides F21 Hilchot Zebachim, c. 1. sect. 14. says it was one of two years, and so Abendana F23 Not. in Miclol Yophi in loc. , whose words are,"a bullock is a son of two years, and a ram is after he has entered into the second year thirty one days;'and so Ben Gersom; the bullock was an emblem of the strength, laboriousness, and patience of Christ, and both of them being without blemish, were typical of his purity and perfection in his nature and life, and especially in his sacrifice.

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