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Verse 12

Joshua 5:12. The manna ceased Which God now withheld, to show that manna was not an ordinary production of nature, but an extraordinary and special gift of God to supply their necessity: and because God would not be prodigal of his favours, by working miracles where ordinary means were sufficient. The morrow That is, on the seventeenth day. It cannot be too much taken notice of, as it is a great mark of the authenticity of the Holy Scriptures, that the miracles related therein are not a heap of wonderful stories, which have nothing to recommend them but the strangeness of them, like most of those contained in the Koran, but that they are acts of consummate wisdom, as well as of wonder. Here we see, that as soon as the Israelites came into a country where they could obtain a sufficient supply of food in the ordinary way, that miraculous provision which had been made for them in the desert wilderness, where it was absolutely necessary for their subsistence, ceased. So that it is evident the falling of the manna from heaven was not merely or chiefly a strange thing to be wondered at, but an act of great wisdom and goodness, which the circumstances of things absolutely required.

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