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Verses 10-12

Joshua 7:10-12. Wherefore liest thou upon thy face? This business is not to be done by inactive supplication, but by vigorous endeavours for reformation. Israel hath sinned Some or one of them. They have transgressed my covenant That is, broken the conditions of my covenant, which they promised to perform, whereof this was one, not to meddle with the accursed thing. And have also stolen Taken what I had reserved for myself, Joshua 6:19. And dissembled also Covered the fact with deep dissimulation. Probably Joshua after the destruction of Jericho, had made inquiry whether the silver and gold, &c., were brought into the treasury, and whether they had destroyed all the other things as God commanded; and they all answered in the affirmative. Possibly, too, Achan might be suspected of purloining something, and, being accused, had denied it. Among their own stuff Converted it to their own use, and added obstinacy to their crime. Because they were accursed By having a man among them who is fallen under my curse. Thus they have put themselves out of my protection, and therefore are liable to the same destruction which belongs to the Canaanites. Except ye destroy the accursed Now they knew that such a crime had been committed among them, they would have been as guilty as Achan if they had not punished it.

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