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Verses 14-15

Joshua 7:14-15. The tribe which the Lord taketh Which shall be declared guilty by the lot, which is disposed by the Lord, (Proverbs 16:33,) and which was to be cast in the Lord’s presence before the ark. Of such use of lots, see 1Sa 14:41 ; 1 Samuel 14:52; Jonah 1:7; Acts 1:26. Shall be burnt with fire As persons and things accursed were to be. All that he hath His cattle and goods, as is noted Joshua 7:24, according to the law, Deuteronomy 13:16. Wrought folly So sin is often called in Scripture, in opposition to the idle opinion of sinners, who commonly esteem it to be their wisdom. In Israel That is, among the church and people of God, who had such excellent laws to direct them, and such an all-sufficient and gracious God to provide for them, without any such unworthy practices. It was sacrilege, it was invading God’s rights, and converting to a private use that which was devoted to his glory, which was to be thus severely punished, for a warning to all people in all ages to take heed how they rob God.

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