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Verses 3-4

Joshua 23:3-4. And ye have seen Or rather, Behold ye have seen; for so the particle ve, which we translate and, sometimes signifies, as Genesis 24:31. All that the Lord hath done because of you For your good, that you might gain by their losses. I have divided unto you those nations that remain That are not yet conquered. To be an inheritance You shall certainly subdue them, and inherit their land, as you have done the rest, if you be not wanting to yourselves. With all the nations That is, with the land of those nations, the people put for their land, as we have seen before; and as sometimes, on the contrary, the land is put for the people. The great sea Where the Philistines, your most formidable adversaries, yet survive; but them also and their land I have given to you, and you shall undoubtedly destroy them, if you will proceed vigorously in your work.

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