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Verse 6

Judges 7:6. That lapped Taking up a little water in the palm of their hands. It is probable that Gideon, upon this occasion, commanded his whole army to leave their baggage behind them, and among that the vessels and cups they used to drink out of; and, when he had brought them to the river-side, told them to drink of it, as they were going upon an expedition which would not admit of the carrying water with them, and in which they would not soon meet with any. Something of this kind we may reasonably imagine, to account for the whole army’s drinking at the same time, and not one of them using any kind of cup. The whole army, except three hundred men, upon the command being given, seem to have flung themselves down on the river’s bank, as it were, to indulge themselves, which is probably meant by bowing down their knees to drink. But the three hundred men, probably more intent on the expedition, contented themselves with taking up some water in the palm or hollow of their hands, and so quenching their thirst, without laying aside their arms, or putting themselves off their guard.

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