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Verses 9-10

1 Kings 11:9-10. The Lord was angry with Solomon Displeased with his actions, and determined to punish him for them; in which sense we are generally to understand such expressions, for we must always remember that human passions can have no place in God. Because his heart was turned from the Lord, who had appeared to him twice First at Gibeon, in the beginning of his reign, (1 Kings 3:5,) and then at Jerusalem, after the building of the temple. And had commanded him concerning this thing For in both those visions, the happiness promised him was declared to depend upon his observing God’s statutes. And when he began to build the temple, he was divinely admonished that he had better desist than go on in that work, unless he purposed to walk according to all God’s commandments, 1 Kings 6:12-13. But he kept not, &c. Which was the greater crime, because God had so often admonished him of his duty, and done such great things for him.

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