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Verse 2

Esther 10:2. All the acts of his power, and of his might, and of the greatness of Mordecai These words signify, that as this king did great things, so they were to be ascribed very much to the management of Mordecai after he was advanced to the highest authority in the kingdom. But it was not the design of the author of this history to relate such things, for which he refers to the public records of the kingdom, which were kept in some part of the king’s house, as appears from Esther 6:1, and were extant in those days, when this book was written. But they are lost long since, and buried in oblivion, while the sacred writings remain throughout the world. When the kingdoms of men, monarchs and their monarchies, are destroyed, and their memorial is perished with them, the kingdom of God among men, and the records of that kingdom, shall remain as the days of heaven.

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