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Verses 16-18

Psalms 106:16-18. They envied Moses also His authority; in the camp As generalissimo of the armies of Israel, and chief justice in all their courts; and Aaron They envied him his power, as high-priest, on account of his consecration to which office he is here termed the saint of the Lord, and not on account of his inherent holiness, of which, undoubtedly, Moses had a greater share. Hereby the psalmist intimates, that their envy and rebellion were not only against Aaron, but against God himself. The earth swallowed up Dathan With his company, Numbers 16:0. A fire was kindled in their company Among their associates or confederates, those wicked men, as he calls them in the next clause, namely, Korah and his company, who were consumed by a fire from the Lord, Numbers 16:35.

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