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Verses 24-27

Psalms 106:24-27. They despised the pleasant land Canaan, which was so, not only in truth, but even by the relation of those spies, who discouraged them from entering into it. They preferred Egypt and their former bondage before it, Numbers 14:3-4, and did not think it deserving of a little hazard and difficulty in taking possession of it. They believed not his word His promise of giving them the land, and subduing all their enemies before them, which they knew, by late and manifold experience, that God was both able and willing to do. And hearkened not unto the voice of the Lord To God’s command, which was, that they should boldly and confidently enter into it. Therefore he lifted up his hand He sware, as this phrase is commonly used. Of this dreadful and irrevocable sentence and oath of God, see Numbers 14:23. To overthrow their seed He sware also, (though not at the same time,) that he would punish their sins, not only in their persons, but also in their posterity: see Exodus 20:5; Exodus 32:34.

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