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Verses 15-20

Proverbs 7:15-20. Therefore came I forth to meet thee As not being able to take any pleasure in my feast without thy company; and I have found thee By a happy providence of God complying with my desires, to my great joy, I have found thee speedily and most opportunely. Thus this wicked woman pretended that she came forth on purpose to meet this youth, from a peculiar affection, as if she had had a prior acquaintance and intimacy with him. I have decked my bed, &c. She desires to inflame his lusts by the mention of the bed, and by its ornaments and perfumes. The good man is not at home Whom she does not call her husband, lest the mention of that name should awaken his conscience or discretion. He hath taken a bag of money with him Which is an evidence he designs to go far, and to stay a considerable time; and will come home at the day appointed Or, at the day of full moon, as Dr. Waterland translates יום הכסא , Houbigant renders the clause, Nor will he return to his house before the full moon. The woman plainly gives this as a reason for removing all apprehensions and fears of detection from the simple youth she is soliciting to destruction.

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