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Verses 23-26

Proverbs 24:23-26. These things also, &c. These words seem to be a new title to the proverbs which follow to the end of the chapter, and Calmet, Grotius, Grey, and some others, are of opinion the meaning is, that these proverbs were selected from the books of the wise men who lived after Solomon, to the time of Hezekiah. But it seems more probable that this short preface is only and simply intended to signify that the proverbs or counsels here following, no less than those before mentioned, are worthy of the consideration and fit for the use of those who are or would be wise; or, that they belong to the wise and virtuous conduct of life. It is not good to have respect of persons in judgment This is the first of these counsels; which expresses that it is a very evil thing for judges to determine controversies by partiality, according to the quality of the persons, and not according to the merits of the cause. He that saith unto the wicked Namely, publicly and in judgment; Thou art righteous That is, he that justifies wicked men in their unrighteous practices; nations shall abhor him Partly for the grossness and odiousness of the crime; and partly for the great and general mischief which such proceedings bring on civil societies. But to them that rebuke him That publicly and judicially rebuke and condemn the wicked; shall be delight The peace of a good conscience; and a good blessing shall come upon them Which the people shall wish, and by their prayers obtain from God for them. This is fitly opposed to the people’s curse in the last verse. Every man shall kiss his lips Shall respect and love him, of which kissing the lips was a sign. That giveth a right answer That speaks pertinently, and plainly, and truly, to the conviction and satisfaction of the hearers.

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