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A.M. 3298. B.C. 706.

The prophet, having, in the preceding chapter, marked and censured divers miscarriages and corrupt practices of the apostate church, whether Jewish or Christian, is here commanded of God to proceed on the same subject, and still more fully to set their sins in order before them, Isaiah 58:1 . He therefore,

(1,) Expostulates with them, in the name of God, on their hypocrisy, self- righteousness, and pride in their religious exercises, and especially in their fasting, Isaiah 58:2 , Isaiah 58:3 .

(2,) Charges them with having unholy and malicious ends in view in that duty, and making it a cloak for their wickedness, Isaiah 58:4 , Isaiah 58:5 .

(3,) He instructs them how to keep fasts aright, Isaiah 58:6 , Isaiah 58:7 .

(4,) Makes great and precious promises to those who should so keep them, Isaiah 58:8-12 .

(5,) Makes the like promises to those who should sanctify the sabbath aright, Isaiah 58:13 , Isaiah 58:14 .

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