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A.M. 3424. B.C. 580.

In this chapter we have an account of the extraordinary trial, wonderful deliverance, and further advancement of Daniel’s three friends.

(1,) Nebuchadnezzar erects a golden image, and requires all his subjects to worship it, Daniel 3:1-7 .

(2,) He is informed that the Jewish princes refuse to worship it, Daniel 3:8-12 .

(3,) They resolutely persist in their refusal, Daniel 3:13-18 .

(4,) They are cast into a fiery furnace, Daniel 3:19-23 .

(5,) They are miraculously preserved unhurt, and the king is convinced of his error, Daniel 3:24-27 .

(6,) He gives glory to God, and shows favour to his servants, Daniel 3:28-30 .

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