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Verse 28

Daniel 3:28. Then Nebuchadnezzar spake, and said, Blessed be the God of Shadrach, &c. So Darius offers up his acknowledgments to the God of Daniel 6:26, looking upon him as superior to other gods, but not as the only true God. Who hath sent his angel Thus Daniel ascribes his deliverance from the lions to an angel, Daniel 6:22; and delivered his servants that trusted in him That confided in his power, love, and faithfulness, that he would stand by and support them in their time of trial, and either bring them out of the fiery furnace back to their place on earth, or lead them through it forward to their place in heaven; and in this confidence became fearless of the king’s wrath, and regardless of their own lives. And have changed the king’s word Have rendered his command of none effect, God having himself suspended the execution of it; and yielded their bodies To expected torture and death; that they might not serve, &c. That is, rather than they would consent to serve any god, except their own God Or, any false god: all gods, but Jehovah, being false pretenders to divinity. By this miracle Nebuchadnezzar was plainly given to understand, that all the great success which he had had, and should yet have against the Jews, and in which he gloried, as if he had therein overpowered their God, was purely owing to their sin; that if the body of that nation had faithfully adhered to their own God, and the worship of him only, as these three men did, they would all have been delivered out of his hands, as these three men were. And this was a necessary instruction for him at this time.

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