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Verse 7

Hosea 4:7. As they were increased, so they sinned Or, The more they were increased, the more they sinned against me The greater the favours were which I heaped upon them, and the more I multiplied them, the more presumptuously they sinned against me: see Hosea 13:6. Instead of, as they were increased, Bishop Horsley reads, In proportion as they were magnified, (a translation the Hebrew word, כרבם , will well bear,) “the priesthood,” he observes, “among the Jews was, by God’s appointment, a situation of the highest rank and authority; and the complaint is, that, in proportion as they were raised in dignity and power above the rest of the people, they surpassed them in impiety.” Therefore will I change their glory into shame Therefore I will divest them of all those glories for which they pride themselves, and lead them away in a poor and miserable condition into captivity.

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