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Verse 14

Hosea 4:14. I will not punish your daughters, &c. I will suffer your daughters to go on in their iniquity, and to fall from one degree of wickedness to another. For themselves That is, for yourselves; are separated with whores That is, you go aside and retire with the women who prostitute themselves in the groves, or in the precincts of the idolatrous temples. And sacrifice with harlots Hebrew, עם הקדשׁות , with women set apart, or consecrated to prostitution. The meaning is, that the people partook in those rites of idolatrous worship in which prostitution made a stated part of the religious festivity. Such lewd practices were frequent in the heathen temples dedicated to Venus and other impure deities. The expressions seem to allude to the practice mentioned Bar 6:43 , and minutely described by Herodotus, lib. 1. cap. 199. Therefore the people that doth not understand shall fall Hebrew, ילבשׂ , shall be thrown down, prostrated, dashed to the ground, or beaten, as the Vulgate renders it.

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