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Verses 3-5

Hosea 5:3-5. I know Ephraim I am perfectly well acquainted with the actions of Ephraim, the head of the ten tribes; and Israel is not hid from me And the actions of the other nine tribes are no less known to me. Now, O Ephraim, thou committest whoredom Even now, at this time, thou goest on in thy idolatry, notwithstanding all my rebukes and exhortations. They will not frame their doings to turn unto their God They are so wholly inclined to idolatry, and it has got so fixed a root in their affections, that they cannot think of turning to the pure worship of the true God. And it even extinguishes all true knowledge and sense of him among them. Bishop Horsley renders the verse, Their perverse habits will not permit them to return unto their God; for a spirit of wantonness is within them, and the Jehovah they have not known. The pride of Israel doth testify to his face The insolent behaviour of Israel toward God, whose worship they despise, both discovers itself in all their conduct, and testifies that their guilt is great, and deserves severe punishment. Archbishop Newcome renders this clause, The pride of Israel shall be humbled to his face; and Waterland, Shall be brought down in his sight. Therefore shall Israel and Ephraim fall, &c. Be brought to utter ruin; Judah also shall fall with them And the other two tribes of Judah and Benjamin, having followed their bad example, shall also be severely punished as well as they.

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