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Verse 5

Hosea 10:5. The inhabitants of Samaria That is, the kingdom of Israel; shall fear “Be in a consternation.” Horsley. Because of the calves of Beth-aven The Jewish writers have a tradition, that the golden calf at Dan was taken away by Tiglath-pileser, when he subdued Galilee, 2 Kings 15:29; and the other at Beth-el, (here called Beth-aven: see note on chap. Hosea 4:15,) by order of Shalmaneser, of which probably this is a prophecy. For the people thereof shall mourn over it Hebrew, אבל עליו , shall grieve for him; and the priests thereof that rejoiced in it Being fed, clothed, and enriched by it, shall now sorrow over it; for the glory thereof The riches of its temple; because it is departed The Assyrians either broke it, or carried it away into Assyria. Both priests and people shall mourn and be distressed when they see it disgraced.

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