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A.M. 3279. B.C. 725.

In this chapter,

(1,) The people of Israel are reproved and threatened for their idolatry, Hosea 13:1-4 .

(2,) For their wantonness, pride, luxury, and other abuses of their wealth and prosperity, Hosea 13:5-8 .

(3,) The ruin that is coming upon them for these, and all their other sins, is foretold as very terrible, Hosea 13:12 , Hosea 13:13 , Hosea 13:15 , Hosea 13:16 .

(4,) Those among them who yet retained a respect for their God are encouraged to hope that he would yet appear for their relief, though their kings and princes, and all their other supports and succours, failed them, Hosea 13:9-11 , Hosea 13:14 .

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