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Verse 5

Joel 3:5. Because ye have taken my silver and my gold Have taken out of my temple the silver and golden vessels dedicated to my service; and have carried into your temples my goodly pleasant things Hebrew, my desirable goodly things. God’s temple was several times despoiled of its ornaments by the Chaldeans. Once in the reign of Jehoiakim, 2 Chronicles 36:7. Then in the short reign of Jehoiachin, 2 Kings 24:13, before the last destruction of it, recorded 2 Kings 25:13. Some part of the furniture might probably be sold to the merchants of Tyre and Sidon. The profanation of God’s temple, and the sacrilegious robbing it of its vessels and ornaments, were crimes remarkably punished by God in heathen and infidels: see Jeremiah 50:28; Jeremiah 51:11. So it was in Belshazzar, Daniel 5:1; in Antiochus Epiphanes, 1Ma 6:12 ; and afterward in Pompey and Crassus. And no wonder, for God had given remarkable proofs of his divine presence being in that place; and the heathen themselves might have discovered, by the light of nature, that there was but one true and living God.

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