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Verses 13-16

Amos 2:13-16. Behold I am pressed under you Your sins have quite tired out my patience, and I am weary with bearing them: compare Isaiah 43:24; Malachi 2:17. In this sense the clause is understood by the LXX. and Vulgate. The marginal reading, however, is preferred by many commentators. Archbishop Newcome renders the verse, Behold, I will press your place as a loaded corn-wain presseth its sheaves; and Secker observes, The next verse being joined to this by the connective particle ( and) makes it more natural that this should begin to express their punishment. Therefore flight shall perish from the swift Even flight shall not secure the swift, for their enemies shall be swifter than they. The strong shall not strengthen his force Their natural strength of body shall not deliver them. And he that is courageous shall flee away naked Having cast away his armour, or upper garments, for greater expedition.

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