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Verses 16-17

Amos 7:16-17. Now, hear thou the word of the Lord Who hath sent me, and whom thou contradictest; from him I have a message to thee also, which much concerns thee. Thou sayest, Prophesy not against Israel Thou usest thy power to silence me; therefore thus saith the Lord Because thou hast so directly and wilfully opposed the Lord; Thy wife shall be a harlot in the city Shall be treated as a harlot in this very city of Beth-el. The meaning probably is, that she should be abused, or ravished, by the Assyrian soldiers, when they should take Beth-el. Thy land shall be divided by line Conquerors were used to divide conquered lands in portions among their soldiers, which was done by measuring out every one’s part by a line; so that this expression signified, his land should be divided among the enemy. And thou shalt die in a polluted land Thou shalt be carried captive from thine own country, and die in a land where the inhabitants are idolatrous.

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