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A.M. 3217. B.C. 787.

In this chapter we have,

(1,) Judgments threatened which sinners shall not escape, Amos 9:1-4 ; which shall be inflicted by an Almighty power, Amos 9:5 , Amos 9:6 ; and are deserved by the people, Amos 9:7 , Amos 9:8 ; which nevertheless should not be the utter ruin of their nation, for a remnant of pious persons should escape them, while the wicked should perish, Amos 9:9 , Amos 9:10 .

(2,) Mercy, a restoration, and great prosperity promised, Amos 9:11-15 ; which blessings were to be bestowed in the latter days, the days of the Messiah, Acts 15:16 ; and with these comfortable promises, after the foregoing rebukes and threatenings, the book concludes.

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