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Verses 1-2

Jonah 2:1-2. Then Jonah prayed Those devout thoughts and feelings which he had at that time, he afterward digested into the following prayer, and added a thanksgiving for his deliverance at the end of it. So several of David’s Psalms were probably composed after his trouble was over; but in a manner suitable to the thoughts he had at the time of his affliction; and with a grateful sense of God’s mercies for his deliverance out of it: see Psalms 54:0. and 120. And he heard me He thanks God that, in consequence of his prayer, his life is wonderfully preserved. Out of the belly of hell cried I The word שׁאול signifies the state of the dead. So it may most properly be rendered the grave here, as the margin reads: the belly of the fish was to Jonah instead of a grave.

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