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Verse 7

Micah 2:7. O thou that art named The house of Jacob But dost not act suitably to the piety of thy father Jacob, and therefore, though thou art in name, yet not in truth the genuine seed of Jacob. Is the Spirit of the Lord straitened Is God’s hand shortened? Are his power, wisdom, and kindness less now than formerly? Are these his doings Are these severe proceedings the doings your God delights in? Are the judgments he brings upon you the genuine effects of his power and goodness? and not rather such acts as your sins do, in a manner, constrain him to exercise? Thus punishments are called his strange work, Isaiah 28:21. Do not my words do good to him, that walketh uprightly? Certainly, both God’s laws, and the words delivered by his prophets, would do you great and lasting good if you would obey them.

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