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Verses 9-11

Micah 3:9-11. Hear this, ye heads of the house of Jacob, &c. This address to the great men, shows the prophet’s courage and impartiality. That abhor judgment, &c. Who do not love to pass a right judgment in matters that come before you, because you make no advantage to yourselves by so doing; but covet to have large bribes given you, to pervert equity, and make wrong decisions. They build up Zion with blood, &c. Who build houses with the riches gotten by violence, and by the condemnation of the innocent. The heads thereof judge for reward The judges pass sentence, not according to the right of the case, but according as they have been bribed. The priests thereof teach for hire The priests for the sake of lucre teach those things which are agreeable to the kings and people, and not what God hath commanded to be taught. It was the duty of the priests to instruct the people, as well as to attend upon the service of the temple; for which cause they had cities allotted to them in all parts of the land: but, not being content with that plentiful revenue which the law allowed them, they made a corrupt gain of their office. And the prophets divine for money This is to be understood of the false prophets. Yet will they lean upon the Lord Pretend to trust in him, and expect his favour, protection, and blessing. And say, Is not the Lord among us As our God and our shield? None evil Such as war, famine, and captivity, can come upon us While we have him with us to defend and help us.

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