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Verse 12

Micah 3:12. Therefore shall Zion for your sake That is, because of your transgressions, ye judges, priests, and prophets; be ploughed as a field “There is nothing which hinders us from referring this prophecy to the first destruction of Jerusalem: for though the foundations of the walls were left, yet a great number of houses within the city were overturned, as well by the Chaldeans as by the Jews themselves; who possibly used the materials to repair the breaches made in the walls during the long siege they underwent; when there could be no wonder if many places were ploughed as a field, for the purposes of corn, which before were gardens and houses: see 1Ma 4:38 . The prophecy, however, may have a further respect to the total destruction of Jerusalem when Terentius Rufus, by the order of Titus, ploughed up the very foundations of it.” See Houbigant and Calmet. And Jerusalem shall become heaps The word heaps alludes to the heaps of stones laid up together in fields newly ploughed. And the mountain of the house That is, of the Lord’s house; as the high places of the forest The place where the temple stood, which was upon mount Moriah, shall be overrun with grass and shrubs, like mountains situated in a forest. This is that passage, quoted Jeremiah 26:18, which Hezekiah and his princes took in good part, yea, it seems, they believed and laid it to heart, in consequence whereof they repented, and so the execution of it did not come in their days.

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