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Verses 10-11

Micah 5:10-11. And in that day Namely, in that time when the threatenings against the enemies, and the promises to the people of God shall be made good; I will cut off thy horses, &c. Not in judgment, but in mercy, for there shall be no need of them, nor shall the church of God any more rely on them. And will destroy thy chariots Chariots prepared for war. And I will cut off the cities, &c. Cut off the occasion of fortifying thy cities: thou shalt need no other defence than what I will be to thee. And throw down all thy strong holds Demolish thy forts, watch- towers, and garrisons. In the preceding verse, offensive preparations for annoying the enemy are intended; here, means of defence against the assaults of the enemy; in both which Israel had too much trusted. But in that time of peace and safety here spoken of, as there would be no enemy to invade the Israel of God, or put them on their defence; so neither should they have any need to make an attack upon any enemies.

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