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Verses 1-2

Micah 6:1-2. Hear now what the Lord saith Here begins a new discourse, respecting the causes of the evils which hung over the Jewish nation. Arise This is God’s command to Micah; contend thou before the mountains Argue the case between God and thy people; and speak as if thou wouldest make the mountains hear thee, to testify for me. Hear, O ye mountains God often appeals to inanimate creatures for the justice of his proceedings, thereby to upbraid the stupidity of men; the Lord’s controversy Or the Lord’s cause or matter of complaint. Here the prophet begins to execute what he had been commanded in the preceding verse. And ye strong foundations of the earth He alludes to a fabric raised on immoveable foundations, but, strictly speaking,

“The earth self-balanced on her centre hangs.”

For the Lord hath a controversy with his people He will enter into judgment with them, for their impieties, as being injurious to his honour, and for which his justice demands satisfaction.

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