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Verses 11-13

Nahum 1:11-13. There is one come out of thee Or, one hath gone forth of thee. This is probably meant of Sennacherib, who uttered so many reproaches and blasphemies against the true God, one of whose royal seats was Nineveh, and who probably went forth from thence to invade Judea. But the term, a wicked counsellor, seems to be intended of Rabshakeh, whom Sennacherib sent against Jerusalem, while he himself warred against Lachish, and who uttered those blasphemous speeches against God, of which we have an account 2 Kings 18:19. Though they be quiet Though the Assyrians be secure, and fear no danger. And likewise many An immense host; yet shall they be cut down Irresistibly, suddenly, and universally; when he shall pass through When the angel of the Lord shall pass through their camp, in which he slew in one night 185,000 men: see Isaiah 37:36. Though I have afflicted thee O Israel, I will afflict thee no more I will no more chastise thee by the Assyrian, the rod of mine anger, by Sennacherib or his forces. For now I will break his yoke from off thee Hezekiah and his people shall no longer be tributaries to the king of Assyria, as they have been for a considerable time: see 2 Kings 18:14. The words may also be considered as promising relief to the Israelites of the ten tribes, who were in a state of actual captivity among them at this time.

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