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Verses 5-6

Nahum 2:5-6. He The enemy that attacks Nineveh, namely, the king of Babylon; shall recount his worthies Shall select some of his choicest troops for the siege of it. They shall stumble in their walk They shall show such forwardness, and be so eager to begin the attack of the city and mount the walls, that they shall stumble and throw one another down in their haste. The defence shall be prepared Hebrew, הסכךְ , the covering. So the Vulgate, preparabitur umbraculum: “Testudo qua tecti subruant mœnia.” Grotius. “The testudo, or fence, with which being covered, they might undermine and throw down the walls.” The gates of the river shall be open See note on Nahum 1:8. The palace shall be dissolved Or, molten; shall be consumed with fire.

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