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Verses 5-7

Nahum 3:5-7. Behold, I will discover thy skirts, &c., upon thy face Nineveh, as a harlot, had been proud, and appeared beautiful and gay in the gifts of her lovers, but now God would deal with her according to her ways, would send her into captivity naked and bare, exposed to the greatest infamy, or would deal with her as inhuman soldiers deal with captive women. And I will show, &c. I will expose thy shame to the world, a punishment often inflicted upon harlots: see note on Ezekiel 16:37. I will cast abominable filth upon thee I will deprive thee of all thine ornaments, and cover thee with shame and reproach. And will set thee as a gazing-stock I will make a public example of thee. All they that look upon thee shall flee from thee As being affrighted at the sight of thy dismal condition, and not willing to lend thee any assistance. Who will bemoan her? &c. Thou didst so offend all people in thy prosperity, that all will rejoice at thy fall, and none will be found to lament or condole with thee.

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