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Verses 11-13

Nahum 3:11-13. Thou also shalt be drunken Thou shalt drink deep of the bitter cup of God’s displeasure. Thou shalt be hid, &c. Thou shalt not dare to appear in the open field. Thou shalt seek strength because of the enemy Thou shalt retire into thy strong holds, or fortified places, for fear of the enemy. All thy strong holds shall be like fig-trees As figs when quite ripe drop off from the trees by the least shaking, so shall thy strong holds fall into the enemies’ hands upon the first assault. The gates of thy land shall be set wide open, &c. The several passages, by which the enemy may invade thee, shall be open to them, either through fear or treachery, or shall be easily forced. The fire shall devour thy bars With which the gates were shut and strengthened.

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